In 2009, the Merlin Group brought Wintocor into the Group, as its own specialist radio frequency (RF) construction company, responsible for the field installation and commissioning of telecommunications infrastructure.

Wintocor’s expertise lies in the ability of our technicians to understand RF technology (specifically cellular transmission equipment) and the systems required to ensure the correct functioning of RF equipment. Our technicians are trained to install sensitive equipment in often hazardous circumstances at great heights or in confined spaces safely, and to the precise quality specifications demanded by the telecommunications industry.

Our highly trained technicians offer complementary skills that enable us to operate efficiently in the telecommunications industry:

  • Trained in safe working practices at heights on ladders/scaffolds, from towers/masts, and abseiling from buildings
  • Skilled in safe rigging and slinging of infrastructure and RF equipment at heights
  • Expertise in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation equipment
  • Ability to perform specialist reticulations of equipment rooms and shelters to support the functioning of RF equipment.

Wintocor strives to execute its specialist RF construction projects to exacting standards, with health and safety ever present on the minds of its staff.