Our track record

Since 1997, we have built up a robust group of companies, with a solid track record for delivery and reliability.

We offer a full or partial project service 

The companies within the Merlin Group provide a seamless service, from initial design through to the completion of a project if required. We offer our clients a broad base of engineering expertise  ΜΆ  civil, structural, mechanical and electrical – with strong project management and business proficiency.

We provide a cost-effective and timely service 

We take deadlines seriously, and have a reputation in the industry for cost-effective delivery. All projects are undertaken using sound project management principles emphasising time, cost and quality.

We’re driven by sound scientific, engineering and business principles 

We are able to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their technical design and construction challenges, based on sound scientific and engineering knowledge. Strong business acumen within the Merlin Group means that we always work within a framework of rigorous business and project management principles.

We value long-term client relationships 

Many of our clients have been with us since 1997. We have gained the reputation of being excellent problem-solvers, with a deep understanding of technical issues. For a number of our clients, we are the go-to people for their more complex and difficult projects.

We employ skilled staff 

The staff we employ are all skilled in their respective fields. We have professional civil, structural and mechanical engineers in the company, complemented by technologists, supervisors and artisans experienced in their relevant fields of expertise. We continually look to grow the capabilities of our staff.

The quality and security of our data is excellent 

We have invested heavily in ICT infrastructure, so clients are assured of the security and integrity of their data and information. Part of this system is built in redundancy of electronic data storage, including drawings, so that information is never lost due to hardware failure. Another aspect of this is protection from electrical supply instability or interruption.